How To prevent Stretch Marks during pregnancy

Stretch Marks are marks that occur in women during pregnancy. But they are the one thing that all women dread will occur as soon as they get pregnant.


What are the Causes Of Stretch Marks? 


The causes of Stretch marks are dependent on the anatomy of the skin. 

There are two layers of the skin. 

These are:

–  The epidermis: This is the thin layer found at the upper layer of the skin. —

The Dermis: This is the thicker layer found at the lower layer of the skin.

There are fine protein filaments scattered in the Dermis like a piece of two bands that can stretch when being pulled.

These filaments are called Elastin fibers.

These Elastin fibers can only be stretched to a certain extent. If stretched further or when they exceed their elastic limit, they tier.

The skin stretches due to the increase in the size of the Uterus during pregnancy, 

to the extent that Elastin fibers are torn. The torn Elastin produces scars on the skin and these are Striae Gravidarum or stretch marks.

Therefore Stretch Marks are caused by the torn elastin fibers which were overstretched as a result of the increased size of the uterus during pregnancy.



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Where Can Stretch Marks occur?

 Stretch Marks on the lower abdomen of pregnant women, 

They appear in most pregnant women, but not in all and not just on the lower abdomen. 

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched in a very short period, as in pregnancy or obesity. 

They occur in the lower abdomen in pregnancy.

Stretch marks also appear along the sides of the breasts either in pregnancy or in obesity.

They also appear on the upper thighs.

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Occasionally even on the inner sides of the upper arms.

How Can I Prevent Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks can be prevented, although to an extent.

However, some women inherited stretch marks because stretch marks are also one of the genetic factors in some families.

Women who are athletic and who undergo physical labor usually get very little or no stretch marks.

This is because the abdominal muscles of these women are relatively

 strong and well developed.

As a result of this, the weight of the growing Uterus can be carried by these muscles and stop it from pressing towards the outward part of the skin. 

As a result, the skin stretches less, smaller amounts of elastin fibers are destroyed and there are fewer stretch marks.


Secondly,  healthy, and well-moisturized skin can stretch more without any prolonged damage. 

Therefore, if the abdominal muscles of a woman can be strengthened and her skin is supple, the chances of developing stretch marks are very minimal.

How do I develop my muscles and keep my skin moisturized?

Exercise 1:

Exercise the abdominal Muscles gently:

This exercise can commence as soon as pregnancy is confirmed or once pregnancy is planned. 

Exercise 2 : 

Standing erect, raise both arms above the head and clasp your hands. Now bend slowly to your left as far down as you feel comfortable. 

Hold for a count of 10. 

Straighten up slowly and then bend to your right. 

Hold to a count of 10. Straighten up. Exhale as you are bending and inhaling while straightening up. This makes one set. Do at least 3 sets once daily.

Exercise 3 : 

Stand straight with feet about 12 inches apart. 

Place your hands on your back at the waist. 

Slowly bend back, as far back as you feel comfortable. 

Hold to a count of 10. 

Straighten up. 

Now bend forward slowly, hold the position to a count of 10. 

Then straighten up. 

Exhale as you are bending and inhaling while straightening up. 

This makes one set. Do at least 3 sets once daily.

These three exercises will strengthen the abdominal and back muscles as well as gently stretch the skin. They also improve the posture during pregnancy.

Caring for the skin :

Keep the skin moisturized by applying oil – olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or any good baby oil – thoroughly over the skin of the abdomen, hips, and thighs. 

Massage it in with sweeping upward strokes. You can do this before you exercise so that the oil is properly absorbed as the skin is stretched during exercise. 

This will make the skin supple and healthy and capable of stretching without damaging the elastin fibers.

Good Diet :

Take a good diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and adequate liquids. And do not forget your daily vitamins. This will ensure healthy and supple skin.

How Can I Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

It is important to note that stretch marks fade over time. They tend to appear reddish or purple initially when they are first formed, but eventually become thin silvery lines, though not usually visible at first glance. 

But it is sad to note that stretch marks can only be eliminated permanently by surgery. 

Factors that can stimulate Elastin and Collagen growth are :

–cocoa butter.

–Vitamin E.

–wheat germ oil. 


What Can I Use to Remove the Stretch Marks Completely?

These include the following : 

–Laser surgery.

–Blue light therapy. 

—and other surgical treatments. 

Sometimes, certain lotions and creams can be used to remove Stretch Marks.


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