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How To Sleep During Pregnancy: The Best sleeping position In The First Trimester.


To ensure the best circulation for you and your baby during pregnancy, “SOS” (Sleep On Side) is the best sleeping position. This is because it ensures that the least pressure is placed on your veins and internal organs. The quantity of blood and nutrients which go to the placenta and the baby is increased when you sleep on your left side. In addition, when there is good circulation, the possibility of potential swelling of the legs is reduced.

How Can I Get More Comfortable Sleep During Pregnancy?

Maintain your limbs/ legs and knees bent, and lay a pad between your legs to alleviate the stress on your buttocks.


If you discover that you are experiencing difficulties with back discomfort, adopt the “SOS” position, and attempt positioning a pad or pillow under your belly as well.

In case you are feeling heartburn at night, you can try and prop the upper part of your body with support.

In overdue pregnancy, you may feel shortness of gust.  Attempt to lie on your side or propped up with pads.

If you are used to lying down on your back or belly, these suggested methods may not be entirely okay for you, but I will suggest you try them out.  You will eventually find out that they help. Note that you may not continue in one position throughout the night, and alternating positions is fine.


What Sleeping Positions Should I Avoid During Pregnancy?

Sleeping on your back: 

Sleeping on your back can cause difficulties such as back pain, difficulties in breathing, problems in the digestive tract, hemorrhoids, cardiac issues,  reduced blood pressure, and may also diminish circulation to your heart and your baby. 

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This is what happens when the growing belly is resting on your intestines and major blood vessels such as the aorta and vena cava. As the pregnancy progresses, and more weight is added, sleep apnea can be developed as well.


Sleeping on your belly: 


As your pregnancy increases and develops more, your breasts become more tender and your belly proceeds to rise, both causing you to feel uncomfortable sleeping on your belly. 

Sleeping with donut-shaped support (e.g. pillow which has a  hole in the middle) can make you have a comfortable sleep on your belly.


During pregnancy, you may find it difficult to sleep immediately if you lie on the bed, as a result, you may be wrestling on your bed attempting to obtain comfort before falling asleep. When you are pregnant your body experiences a lot of changes making you feel uncomfortable sleeping at your usual positions. In other words, your usual sleeping position no longer works for you.

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Causes of  discomfort when you are sleeping include:


— Increase in the size of your belly.

— Backaches can cause discomfort.

— Heartburn can cause discomfort.

–Shortness of breath can cause discomfort.

— Insomnia can cause discomfort.

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Lifestyles to enable you Sleep Better During Pregnancy:

— Do not drink caffeinated tea or coffee once it is 4 pm.

— Drink lots of water during the day, but reduce the quantity of water you take towards the evening to avoid waking up at midnight to use the bathroom.

— Do some exercise for at least 30 minutes. This will enable you to sleep better.

— Take a  warm bath, foot, or shoulder massage for relaxation.

— Keeping your bedroom quiet and cool with dim light at night for better sleep.

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